Thursday, July 21, 2016


Ok, so the movie Bad Moms is coming out soon and I really want to see it.  The previews are fantastic (and I'm afraid those might be the funniest parts of the movie) and hit on so many things that I know many of us moms feel.  The PTA meeting scene is so true to my feelings.  As a working mom I don't have time to run around obeying all the new food regulations. Yes, I understand that so many more people have dietary restrictions and/or allergies but OMG!  Luckily, our school, like so many others can only be store bought foods.  However, I am asked to volunteer for a gazillion different things all school year long, 90% of which I turn down.  I just can't do it.  It takes away from what little family time I have and I am way to exhausted at the end of a school day to deal with other people's kids.  Reminder, I am a high school teacher and definitely not elementary.  Love my kids but not always a fan of elementary age kids.  Plus, those teens wear me out.  Don't get me wrong...I love teaching HS and they continually crack me up and amaze me, but it also drains me.  I am ready for a nap by the time I get home which is just in time to get my kids off the bus.

I might turn down 90% of what I am asked to do at my kids' school. But I also turn down many things at work.  Before kids I had no problem staying, volunteering, etc.  But now, yes it might be selfish, I am spending that time with my own kiddos.  They're not young forever and yes the cliche is so true....they do grow up so fast, blink and they're grown.  Soon my eldest will be a pre-teen and for months I've been teasing him that he was just a baby yesterday.

Summer's off isn't always easy either.  We're out of our routine.  We're in each other's hair.  We get cranky from the heat.  I enjoy the time with my boys; however, they are at each other's throats by July.  That's when I have to get creative with our activities because too much down time can get pretty vicious. This summer seems to be the worst.  We didn't get any memberships this year since they or we were gone for most of June.  So now July is here and we're trying to find inexpensive things to do.  It hadn't been bad but now we're in a heat wave of 100+ temps. Yikes!  I don't want to go outside and really neither do they.  Five minutes out there and they're asking to come back inside and I don't blame them.  Not even a walk around the lake to play Pokemon Go can tempt them outdoors.

This week the boys have had VBS in the evenings. That has given them something to do and talk about this week.  The days have been lazy since it gets out at 8:30 and then they're still hungry.  We haven't got to bed until almost 10 each night.  As a result I've let them sleep in.  E will sleep until almost 10 am.  By the time he eats breakfast, gets dressed and does the "screen time" list it's already afternoon and he's earned his " screen time".  A few hours of this and then it's snack time and then time to go to VBS.  Yes, that has been our routine this week. Not super exciting but, hey, it keeps us sane and the boys from arguing.

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