Wednesday, July 6, 2016

aaaaah...It's summer!

Summer is in full swing, oh my!  I love summer because I get to spend more time with my boys; however, I don't want the days to be long and boring just sitting around.  I could do summer school and a ton of camps but then I am just sitting around.  Sure I could be doing projects around the house but who really wants to clean and organize the basement?  No thanks!  I also don't want to be a chauffeur yet.  I know soon that  is all I will be driving them to different activities, friends, school events, etc.  That will come soon enough, so why hurry it along.

kayaking on the lake
Yes, we do all sorts of things.  We moved a year ago and now have things in our neighborhood to entertain us like a neighborhood pool, walking trail and a small lake (great for fishing and kayaking). We decided to invest in some kayaks to add to the lake fun, especially since we can't swim in the lake.  The kayaks have been a hit, but not something we enjoy during the hot burning afternoon hours.  It is also a great workout.  Racing the boys across the lake will definitely keep my arms strong.  It won't be long until they are able to beat me across and back.  My eldest is only a kayak length behind me.

We also do the Kids Bowl Free program and frequent trips to our local library.  The boys goal is to make it to the 100 points club in bowling.  They're getting close!  E is determined and analyzes each bowl.  He asks me for feedback on his form.  That boys is always competing, even with himself.  His first strike this summer was an all out celebration including victory dance.  Too bad I didn't have my phone out for a video because it was hilarious.  C tried without the bumpers but is so easily frustrated that I talked him into using them for a little while longer.  That boy has some serious spin on his ball. Most people stop to watch him spin that ball down the lane. If he had better control he'd be throwing great strikes.  Maybe next year we'll go bumper free.

But we can't go somewhere everyday.  Even the free programs tend to cost money somehow (gas, snacks that can't be brought into venues, overdue library fines...oops!)  So, what do we do on days that we are chillin' at home?  Well, after scrolling through Pinterest I found an idea.  The boys have to complete a list of activities before they can have any screen time.  Some of the activities are things they should do anyway like get dressed, eat breakfast and brush their teeth.  Other activities make them things like reading and creating and another one is so I can get them to clean or work on something that needs to be done.   Of course, they complain, well, I should say my almost 11 year old complains about the list.  According to him I am ruining his summer.  Yep, the pre-teen attitude is already beginning! But, each of them have been creative with the list and have shown me all kinds of creations from Legos and crafts. They have told all kinds of stories to go with their creations and they are documenting their summer in a journal.  Hopefully they will still have the journal and pics of their creations when they are older to look back to see what they could accomplish, imagine and create.

haha! Hopefully this isn't my yearly check-in into the blog and I can actually find time to continue this.  I keep saying that I am but then find something else to do.  Part of being a working mom is that there is always something to do, but summers are a little more lax so I will try again to get into a blogging routine and incorporate it into the fall routine.  We'll see ;)

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