Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here We go....

 Here we go.....
 I decided to start a blog about being a mommy of two boys, a wife and working too.  It is hard to juggle it all but somehow my family manages.  I am lucky because I am a teacher and it allows me to spend some extra time with my boys that other working moms might not be able to do.

Right now we are on Christmas break and enjoying our time together.  Holidays are hectic and can cause some crazy meltdowns if we aren't careful, but at the same time I want to make this time special for everyone.  I have found that it works best to still keep them on their schedule...well, at least keep the youngest one napping at his normal time.  We arrange our activities around that all important nap.  We have done a lot with out over extending ourselves and keeping to a rather flexible schedule.

Each day has been special by doing ONE "cool" activity.  Yes, there are hundreds of things that we would love to do, but let's be realistic and not force a meltdown.  This also gives them time to do their own thing.  Surprisingly they don't always want to do what you think is neat and they have their own agendas.  My eldest is determined to design and build a race track almost everyday.

During our 1.5 week break we have done some fun things that also didn't break the bank.  These aren't new ideas or over-the-top ideas but something different than sitting around all day.  They also get to look forward to the activity by adding a little bit of pre-excitement by letting them know the special activity for the next day at bed time.

My boys' top 10 favorites this year
1.  Make and decorate cookies
2.  Have lunch at Daddy's work
3.  Make/Draw pictures for family members
4.  Go to the library
5.  Build a Gingerbread house
6.  Christmas in the Park (lights)
7.  Homemade bird houses
8.  Do a crafty thing...Pinterest is great idea generator for this.
9.  Make your own homemade pizza....they love to design it themselves.
10.Design your own game on a poster board using matchbox cars as pieces.

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